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Our Services

Email Validation API: We offer professional email verification service which enables you to verify your mailing list thereby enabling you to maintain a clean mailing list for your email marketing campaigns and reduce bounces to your mailbox.

Backconnect/Automatic IP Rotation Proxy: This service offers a dynamic and automatic IP switching Socks 5 and HTTPS proxy server which grants you access to over 1000 different shared Socks 5 and HTTPS proxy servers located in multiple countries. The Socks 5 and HTTPS proxies are connected to via a single Gateway IP and Port. Each connection is re-routed to different Socks 5/HTTPS IPs in multiple countries in this scheme: Your computer->"Single IP Gate-Server->Proxy Server .

The proxies can be used for browsers, SEO, Data mining/harvesting, Web Scrapers, VOIP applications, messengers,P2P clients or applications. The Socks 5 IP supports unlimited connections and unlimited bandwidth. Note: SPAM and illegal use is strictly prohibited. The proxy is will not work for email validations. If you need a email validation service or API, please choose our email validation API instead.

Email Validation and Scrubbing API Functions:

Syntax Check: This checks the email addresses and ensures that they conforms to IETF standards using a complete syntactical email validation engine

Mail Server Existence Check: This checks the availability of the email address domain using DNS MX records

Mail Existence Check: This checks if the email address really exists

Catch-All Domain Email Check: This checks if the email domain will receive all of the email messages addressed to that domain, even if their addresses do not exist in the mail server. This offers the ability to detect potential Catch-all email domains.

Disposable Email Address Check: This checks if the email is provided by a known Disposable Email Address (DEA) provider such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail and about 2000 more.

Bogus/malicious/Blacklisted/Bots Email Check: All records matching over 800 millions of known spammers emails, malicious or bogus emails belonging to known spam domains emails database can be used to scrub your mailing lists and any matches are detected using our scrubbing API.

Email Validation API Specifications:

Simple Web Based and REST based

Requires only API Key for authentication

Requires no Port 25 open

Fast and redundant

API key does not expire until all quota are used

Secure SSL protected

High speed connection

Affordable pricing at $0.001 per email validation

Proxy Specifications:

IP Authentication

Access to over 50000 working open proxies 24/7

IP addresses change all the time so you have a fresh pool of randomly automatic rotating IPs.

Supports HTTPS (CONNECT) and SOCKS 5

Unlimited threads and bandwidth

Proxy allowed for SEO programs, Gaming, Scraping

High speed connection

Unlimited access to both HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxies for only $49/Month

Payment Options

In order to make payment as convenient as possible, we accept 5 payment methods:




SWIFT Wire Transfer

Perfect Money

If your company or firm wishes to make payment using WIRE transfer, please contact us by email or ticket in order to receive the Wire transfer details. In addition, if your company requires an official sales quote, you can also request for a quote and inform us of the payment option you would like to use.

buy backconnect proxy with bitcoin

Note: Although our pricing plan are based on monthly subscriptions, there are no commitments for the billing plan. If you order using Paypal you can immediately login to your Paypal after placing the order and cancel the recurring billing.



48 Hours Guarantee: If you are unable to use our APIs, we will fully refund your account

99.8% Servers uptime and 24/7 support

Identity Protection : Any information you send to us is held under the strictest confidentiality


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